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Artist: Family
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Family Fearless cd
2016 Madfish label budget reissue of the 1971 Family classic.
Family's most critically respected album and an enduring fan favourite was the band's first to feature a pre-King Crimson John Wetton (on bass and backing vocals). 
The album offered a wildly inventive fusion of Art Rock, Folk and Blues influences, and included such classics as Between Blue And Me and Sat'd'y Barfly.
Available as a re-mastered double disc edition packaged in a deluxe hard-back book, Fearless is the second in the Madfish label Family reissue series. The bonus disc features the A and B side of the band's most successful single, In My Own Time.
The 16 page booklet includes new sleeve notes by Family expert Pete Feenstra, along with period press cuttings and memorabilia supplied by Dave Eames ND Trevor Gardiner (including the original ad promoting the album in the UK press).
CD 1:
1. Between Blue And Me [05:02]
2. Sat'd'y Barfly [03:58]
3. Larf And Sing [02:45]
4. Spanish Tide [04:02]
5. Save Some For Thee [03:43]
6. Take Your Partners [06:26]
7. Children [02:19]
8. Crinkley Grin [01:05]
9. Blind [04:04]
10. Burning Bridges [04:45]
CD 2 - Bonus Tracks:
1. In My Own Time [03:33]
2. Seasons [02:21]