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Artist: The Pretty Things
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The Pretty Things The Pretty Things Get The Picture CD

A double cd set collecting two complete R&B albums by The Pretty Things, plus 12 additional songs.

The Pretty Things first burst onto the scene in 1965 with an explosive R&B sound far removed from their later Psychedelic and Hard Rock guises.
The band's self-titled debut, which mixed raucous covers of blues favourites along with original tracks, reached number 6 in the UK charts. The follow up, Get The Picture, was released later the same year and reflected the band's new found song writing confidence as well as the soul and mod sounds that were influencing the band at the time.
This deluxe set also features the singles and b-sides the band released around the time of the albums, including their breakthrough single Don't Bring Me Down and the controversial L.S.D. 
This is a Media Book edition featuring re-worked artwork and including liner notes written by journalist Pierre Perrone and band member Dick Taylor.

CD 1 - The Pretty Things:

1. Roadrunner 
2. Judgement Day 
3. 13, Chester Street 
4. Big City 
5. Unknown Blues 
6. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 
7. Honey, I Need 
8. Oh Baby Doll 
9. She's Fine She's Mine 
10. Don't Lie To Me 
11. The Moon Is Rising 
12. Pretty Thing 
Bonus Tracks: 
13. Rosalyn 
14. Big Boss Man 
15. Don't Bring Me Down 
16. We'll Be Together 
17. I Can Never Say 
18. Get Yourself Home
CD 2 - Get The Picture?:
1. You Don't Believe Me 
2. Buzz The Jerk 
3. Get The Picture? 
4. Can't Stand The Pain 
5. Rainin' In My Heart 
6. We'll Play House 
7. You'll Never Do It Baby 
8. I Had A Dream 
9. I Want Your Love 
10. London Town 
11. Cry To Me 
12. Gonna Find Me A Substitute 
Bonus Tracks: 
13. Get A Buzz 
14. Sittin' All Alone 
15. Midnight To Six Man 
16. Me Needing You 
17. Come See Me 
18. L.S.D.