Price: £19.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: SMALP996
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Radiation 2013 Marillion vinyl


A double blue vinyl edition of Marillion's top 40 release from 1998, featuring Michael Hunter's improved 2013 re-mix/re-master.
Presented on heavyweight 180gm vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
Side 4 features an exclusive etching by cover artist, Carl Glover


Side 1:
1. Costa Del Slough
2. Under The Sun 
3. The Answering Machine
4. Three Minute Boy 
Side 2:
1. Now She'll Never Know
2. These Chains
3. Born To Run
Side 3:
1. Cathedral Wall
2. A Few Words For The Dead
Side 4:
Exclusive Carl Glover Etching