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Artist: Luna Rossa
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Luna Rossa Atropa Panic Room CD
Atropa (2018) is the third studio album from Luna Rossa (the duo of Anne-Marie Helder and Jonathan Edwards).
Featuring 12 evocative tracks with an emphasis on imaginative acoustic instrumentation, the album features glorious melodies and beguiling soundscapes galore (including intimate a cappella vocals, shimmering layers of harp, piano and 12-string guitar, loops, samples and more). 
Infused with themes of nature, seduction, love, loss, and of lessons learned in life, Atropa was recorded at Sonic One Studios in South Wales, and includes special guests Sarah Dean (Celtic harp & vocals), Andy 'Wal' Coughlan (bass / double bass), and Tim Hamill (electric / baritone guitar). Panic Room drummer Gavin John Griffiths also plays on selected tracks. 
Surprise covers include a sublime stripped-down interpretation of ABBA classic The Winner Takes It All and Luna Rossa's own take on the Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin's Make Me Promises.
The first 500 copies come with an exclusive signed postcard and a download of the song Christmas Time.
CD in digipak.
“With bitter-sweet vocals and arrangements that could stop time, Atropa is a wonder and the finest Luna Rossa record to date.” - Rachel Mann (PROG)
01.  Midnight
02.  Deadly Nightshade
03.  Red Moon
04.  The Winner Takes It All (Andersson/Ulvaeus)
05.  Invisible
06.  Life At Last
07.  Entwined
08.  Special One
09.  Family Tree
10.  Make Me Promises (Dave Stewart)
11.  This Is Not...
12.  Halo Falling