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Format: CD
Artist: Tunnelvision
CatNo: LTMCD2313
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Tunnelvision Guessing the Way V2point0 CD
Guessing the Way is an archive live collection from Factory Records group Tunnelvision, best known for their 1981 single Watching the Hydroplanes (Fac 39), produced by Martin Hannett.
This remastered CD features two complete live sets by the group (both of which were support slots with New Order), taped direct from the mixing desk at Bristol Trinity Hall on 27 March 1981 (tracks 1 to 10) and Blackpool Scamps on 5 September 1980 (tracks 11 to 18).
1. The Man Who Would Be King
2. Guessing the Way
3. The Blue
4. Hollow Men
5. Emotionless
6. Glenn Miller
7. Whitened Sepulchre
8. 100 Men
9. Watching the Hydroplanes
10. The Man Who Would Be King
11. Let's Sing
12. Hollow Men
13. Morbid Fear
14. Glenn Miller
15. I Never Promised You This
16. Old Comrades
17. This Is a Time For Building
18. Watching the Hydroplanes