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Format: CD
Artist: Birth Control
CatNo: BOUCD6612
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Birth Control Backdoor Possibilities Progressive 2CD
Birth Control's surreal concept work from 1976 recorded by legendary producer Conny Plank.
A creative peak for the band, Backdoor Possibilities combined Rock, Jazz and avant-garde stylings with intricate polyrhythmic tideas and lyrical nods to Faust and Odysseus.
Expanded double CD edition remastered by Zeus B. Held and featuring three bonus tracks recorded live in Korbach on 1 May 1977, plus a bonus live disc taped at the famous Sartory Saal in Cologne on 24 September 1976. 
The CD booklet includes archive band photographs and ephemera.
CD 1 Backdoor Possibilities
1. Prologue
2. Physical and Mental Short Circuit
3. Subterranean Escape
4. Film of Life
5. Childhood Flash-Back
6. Legal Labyrinth
7. Futile Prayer
8. The Farrockaway Ropedancer
9. Le Moineau de Paris
10. Cha Cha D'Amour
11. Behind Grey Walls
12. No Time To Die
13. Meta Ventilator (live)
14. Gamma Ray (live)
15. Long Tall Sally (live)
CD 2 Live at Sartory
1. Plastic People
2. One First of April
3. BeeDeePees: Backdoor Possibilities
4. My Mind
5. La Ciguena de Zaragoza
6. Behind Grey Walls
7. Keyboard Solo/No Time To Die/Guitar Solo