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Various Artists From Brussels With Love 2CD
From Brussels With Love - the legendary compilation from 1980 - features exclusive tracks from the international avant-garde and new wave (including A Certain Ratio, Gavin Bryars, Harold Budd, Thomas Dolby, The Durutti Column, John Foxx, Martin Hannett, Richard Jobson, Bill Nelson, Kevin Hewick + New Order, Michael Nyman and more).
Running for 78 minutes, the cosmopolitan ‘cassette journal’ was curated by Michel Duval, Annik Honore and Wim Mertens, and also includes extended interviews with Brian Eno and legendary French film actress Jeanne Moreau. 
To mark its 40th anniversary, this remastered double CD edition includes all 21 tracks from the original cassette as well as a disc of tracks omitted for reasons of space and related Crepuscule tracks (by Michael Nyman, Bill Nelson, John Foxx, Richard Jobson, Durutti Column, Repetition and The Names, and contemporary songs by other Belgian artists including Digital Dance, Polyphonic Size, Aksak Maboul, Karel Goeyvaerts and Marine).

Presented in a 10-inch square hardback book, with a 60 page book (including rare images, posters, sleeve designs and period ephemera, plus a detailed history of the Crepuscule label between 1979 and 1984)

1. John Foxx A Jingle #1
2. Thomas Dolby Airwaves
3. Repetition Stranger
4. Harold Budd Children On the Hill
5. The Durutti Column Sleep Will Come
6. Martin Hannett The Music Room
7.  The Names Cat
8.  Michael Nyman A Walk Through H
9.  Interview with Brian Eno
10.  John Foxx A Jingle #2
11. Un entretien avec Jeanne Moreau
12. Richard Jobson Armoury Show
13. Bill Nelson The Shadow Garden
14. The Durutti Column Piece For an Ideal
15. A Certain Ratio Felch (live in NYC)
16. Kevin Hewick & New Order Haystack
17. Radio Romance Etrange Affinite
18. Gavin Bryars White’s SS
19. Der Plan Mein Freunde
20. BC Gilbert & Graham Lewis Twist Up
21. John Foxx A Jingle #3
1. John Foxx A Jingle #4
2. John Foxx Mr No
3. Bill Nelson Dada Guitare
4. The Durutti Column For Belgian Friends
5. Richard Jobson & Tuxedomoon Orphee
6. Aksak Maboul DBB (Double Bind Baby)
7. Karel Goyvaerts Ach Golgotha (extract)
8. Marguerite Duras Interview
9. Polyphonic Size Nagasaki Mon Amour
10. Marine Life In Reverse
11. Michael Nyman Mozart
12. Gavin Bryars White’s SS (unedited)
13. The Names Nightshift
14. Repetition A Still Reflex
15. Digital Dance Treatment
16. Josef K Sorry For Laughing
17. A Certain Ratio And Then Again (live)
18. John Foxx A Jingle #5