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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ultramarine
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Ultramarine Signals Into Space Electronica vinyl

Signals Into Space is the 2018 studio album by electronic duo Ultramarine.

Conceived by Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond over a three year period, it features four songs co-written with left-field singer Anna Domino.
Signals Into Space also features contributions from saxophonist Iain Ballamy (ECM RecordsBill Bruford’s Earthworks etc).
 “To some extent Signals Into Space is an escapist record,” reveals Ian. “Our rehearsal space is a small windowless room on an industrial estate in Essex. Possibly as a result we ended up with a collection of visually suggestive tracks, conjuring mental images of cities, deserts and tropical islands, which gradually came into focus as Anna’s lyrical ideas developed. So while the music might have been conceived in a closed space it’s imbued with a positive spirit - looking outwards, seeking contact.”
Vinyl version.
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1. Elsewhere                                                  
2. Spark From Flint To Clay                            
3. Breathing               
4. Arithmetic                          
5. If Not Now When?             
6. $10 Heel
7. Du Sud                                
8. Equatorial Calms
9. Sleight Of Hand
10. Framework
11. Cross Reference
12. Signals Into Space