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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Pale Fountains
CatNo: TWI119
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The Pale Fountains Something On My Mind blue vinyl
limited edition blue vinyl pressing of Something On My Mind, an anthology of early recordings by critically-acclaimed 1980s Liverpool band, The Pale Fountains. Inspired by 1960s music such as Love, Burt Bacharach and The Beatles, the band released two albums on Virgin before splitting in 1987.
Combining a 12 track vinyl album with a bonus 19 track live CD, side one of the LP features six studio tracks (including all tracks from the maxi single released by Crepuscule/Operation Twilight in June 1982, as well as unreleased second single Longshot For Your Love plus two songs recorded for the Crépuscule compilation albums Ghosts of Christmas Past and Moving Soundtracks). Side two of the LP features 6 live tracks recorded in October 1982. 
The bonus live CD packaged with the album includes complete performances by Pale Fountains from Brussels (5 October 1982) and Leuven (6 October 1982).
Cover art by Benoît Hennebert. Liner notes by Geoff King. Only 500 pressed globally.
Vinyl LP
1. Just A Girl
2. Something On My Mind  
3. Lavinia’s Dream
4. Longshot For Your Love 
5. Benoit’s Christmas
6. We Have All the Time In The World  
1. Shelter (live)
2. Just A Girl  (live)
3. The Norfolk Broads (live)
4. Maybe The People Would Be The Times (live)
5. Thank You (live)
6. Walk On By (live)
Live CD
1. Lavinia’s Dream
2. (There’s Always) Something On My Mind
3. Shelter
4. Longshot For Your Love
5. Just A Girl
6. We Have All the Time in the World
7. The Norfolk Broads
8. Maybe the People Would Be the Times
9. Thank You
10. Walk On By
11. Lavinia’s Dream
12. (There’s Always) Something On My Mind
13. Longshot For Your Love
14. Shelter
15. Just a Girl
16. The Norfolk Broads
17. We Have All the Time in the World
18. Thank You
19. Maybe the People Would Be the Times