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Artist: Paul Haig
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Paul Haig At Twilight 2CD
At Twilight is a compilation of picked tracks recorded for Crépuscule by iconic Scottish singer-songwriter Paul Haig, who first made his name as the frontman of legendary Postcard Records guitar slingers Josef K.
Between 1982 and 1991 Paul recorded a string of polished dance-pop singles for the label, including singles Justice, Heaven Sent, Big Blue World and Love Eternal, along with parent albums Rhythm of Life, The Warp of Pure Fun and Coincidence vs Fate. The various producers and collaborators featured on this 'best of' selection include Alan Rankine, Cabaret Voltaire, Bernard Sumner, Mantronik, Lil' Louis, Alex Sadkin and Man Parrish.
Disc 1 collects together stand-out singles and album tracks from Paul's decade at Twilight. Disc 2 includes all nine tracks from his lost second studio album from 1984, recorded and co-produced with Alan Rankine (of The Associates) but never before released in complete form. "It was meant to be more eclectic than the first," explains Paul today, "although it didn't necessarily turn out that way. Still, I never consciously tried to write hit records. I think you'd lose all credibility if you thought that way."
Cover portrait by Charles Van Hoorick. CD booklet contains archive images and liner notes by Paul. A video clip for Heaven Sent appears on the DVD collection Umbrellas in the Sun.
1. Running Away
2. Chance
3. Time
4. Justice
5. Adoration
6. Heaven Sent
7. The Only Truth (12")
8. Heaven Help You Now
9. Love Eternal
10. Torchomatic
11. Reach the Top
12. Swinging For You
13. I Believe In You
14. My Kind
15. Flight X
1. Shining Hour
2. Big Blue World
3. Love Eternal
4. One Lifetime Away
5. The Only Truth
6. Fear and Dancing
7. Trust
8. Love and War
9. All Our Love
10. Ghost Rider
11. Endless Song
12. Blue For You (Interference Mix)
13. The Executioner
14. Change of Heart
15. The Only Truth (US Remix)