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Artist: Isabelle Antena
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Isabelle Antena Hoping For Love CD
Hoping for Love is the second solo album by Isabelle Antena, originally issued by Les Disques du Crépuscule in March 1987.
After Camino Del Sol and En Cavale, Hoping for Love saw Isabelle Antena step left of the dancefloor, expanding her Latin, funk and samba palette to include jazz and acoustic stylings. This remastered CD restores the original vinyl running order, so that the first five tracks offer dance and synthpop numbers, while the second half of Hoping For Love is a suite arranged and produced by Isabelle herself, featuring crack jazz musicians such as Danny Cordova and Johnny Hot.
The five bonus tracks include 12" mixes by Marc Moulin (Telex) and New York DJ Mark Kamins. Artwork by Hitoshi Tagata.
1. Des Calins, Des Caresses
2. Laying on the Sofa
3. Naughty Naughty
4. Sweet Boy
5. La Tête contre les murs
6. Le poisson des mers du sud
7. Quand le jazz entre en lice
8. Melodie
9. L'Ideal
10. Musique de 4 à 6
11. Toutes les etoiles de Tunisie
12. Otra Bebera
13. Carriage Blind
14. I Will Jam
15. Little Fish from the Southern Sea
16. Laying on the Sofa (Mark Kamins Remix)
17. La Tête contre les murs (Marc Moulin Remix)