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Format: CD
Artist: Blaine L. Reininger
CatNo: TWI1255CD
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Blaine L Reininger Wounds and Blessings 2CD
Wounds And Blessings is the 2021 studio double album by Blaine L. Reininger, the Colorado-born composer and founder member of avant-garde music group Tuxedomoon.
A collection of 28 tracks organised into 4 distinct suites, featured guests include Tuxedomoon colleagues Steven Brown and Luc van Lieshout, as well as former Indoor Life member Bob Hoffnar and Reininger's Greek guitarist, Tilemachos Moussas.
On this expansive double set Reininger employs all the tools in his current arsenal, from AI-assisted lyrics to sampler bricolage, to violin and guitar virtuosity, a vast array of computer plug-ins and effects, and a trompe l'oeil assortment of 20th century avant-garde compositional methods.
"When I'm working," explains Blaine, "and a piece begins to reveal itself to me, I always follow where it leads. It becomes clear that it requires a violin, or a guitar, or lyrics. Whether it should be harsh or serene, orchestral, or entirely electronic. So it is with this new collection. Also, in the vocal songs, the subject of mortality has surfaced time and time again, albeit in a lucid manner and without becoming morbid, or fearful. I'm pleased with the results, and grateful to have the means to write every day and present my music to you."
The album is produced by Reininger, with mixing and mastering by long-time collaborator Coti K. Cover portrait and booklet photography by George Geranios.
1. 100 Sad Fingers
2. I Inhabit the Dunes
3. Je Retournerai
4. Magnetic Flux
5. Chemise Grise
6. Trials and Tribulations
7. I Am An Old Poem
8. Goby Life
9. The Days Gone By
10. Roll Off the Edge
11. Duello
12. Silver Pants
13. Occult Simplicities
14. Pleyel Harvest
1. One of Those Things
2. Begin Your Day, Winny
3. You're Lucky
4. Slipstream
5. Newbs Descending a Staircase
6. Lockdown Blues
7. Indra's Dream
8. Die Ferne Klang
9. Sun Package
10. Unbirthday
11. Quarter Teen
12. Cahiers Noirs
13. Harvest Moon
14. Push