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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Nosound
CatNo: BSHED2105V
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nosound this night live vinyl lathe-cut
6 years after its last live album (Teide 2390), Nosound return with This Night
Recorded on the 5th September 2021 at Veruno Festival, the performance marked the band’s post-lockdown return to the live stage (presenting the same setlist the band played just before the pandemic opening for the Italian gigs of labelmates Anathema). 
This Night showcases a broader dynamic range than the band’s studio offerings with song arrangements modified for maximum live impact.
A very limited handmade lathe-cut heavy-weight transparent vinyl edition with white labels, handwritten, signed and numbered.
Limited to 1 per customer.
Every purchase comes with free hi-res 24/48 stereo and surround flac downloads available in your account on release date.
1. Places Remained
2. This Night
3. Shelter
4. Don't You Dare
1. Wherever You Are
2. Weights
3. She