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Format: CD-R
Artist: Burning Shed
CatNo: BS_141_CD-r
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cd-r Burning Shed sampler two

This second budget compilation contains tracks from all of recent releases available on the Burning Shed Catalogue, as well as several previously unreleased tracks.

1. tim bowness / peter chilvers - days turn into years (previously unreleased live version)
2. faceless : heaven trees (previously unreleased)
3. anne clark / martyn bates - autumn (from just after sunset)
4. quoit - the shed (from plug 8 thrust coil)
5. darkroom - excerpt (from fallout 2)
6. paul goodwin - grateful smile (from burning shed session, recorded with peter chilvers)
7. roger eno - sections (from getting warmer)
8. gp hall - fahrenheit 451 (from industrial blue)
9. centrozoon with tim bowness - girl of the week (remixed and remodelled by bpm&m (bill Munyon/Pat mastelotto)
10. michael peters - excerpt (from stretched landscape #1)
11. alias grace - under the ivy (previously unreleased)
12. theo travis/mark hewins - ghorm (from guerilla music)
13. tim bowness / peter chilvers - post-its (from california, norfolk)
14. darkroom : excerpt (from fallout 3)
15. peter chilvers - intro (from stormwatcher)
16. sebastian - excerpt (from hew hoppers base)
17. centrozoon - golden lamb finale (from cult of bibbiboo)
photography by carl glover
design by aleph