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Format: CD
Artist: Billy Currie
CatNo: BSHED2005-BSHED2101-BSHED2104
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Billy Currie The Brushwork Oblast_Doppel_Ball CD

A bundle of the CDs of The Brushwork Oblast, Doppel and Balletic Transcend by Billy Currie.


A collection of fascinating predominantly piano-based pieces with evocative synth, electronic pulse and violin additions, The Brushwork Oblast was produced by Billy and Peter Dudley at Cloudy Hands Studio, London in 2020.
CD in 6pp digisleeve. All copies come with an exclusive signed postcard.
A cinematic and pulsating instrumental collection from 2016, Doppel finds Billy Currie on fine form utilising his distinctive synth, viola, violin and piano gifts.
CD in a 6 panel digisleeve, layout by Carl Glover. All copies include a signed postcard.
Combining synths, viola, piano and electronic grooves, Balletic Transcend (2013) is a bold fusion of all that Billy Currie does best.
2021 CD edition in a 6 panel digisleeve. Comes with an exclusive postcard signed by Billy.

The Brushwork Oblast

01. Sound As It Looks
02. On The Colour Wheel
03. Slight And Forgotten
04. Overshadowed
05. Forward
06. Piano Stories Of Berry Brow
07. Smothered
08. Sketch The Fields And People
09. Give Over
10. Shine
1. Neoteric Slip
2. Whisperings
3. Tremolo Shudder
4. Silver Tongued
5. Doppel
6. In Full Cry
7. Gleam
8. Viola Reach
9. Glibberig
10. Stymie
Balletic Transcend
1. Balletic Transcend 4:59
2. Springboard Activist 3:08
3. Grandiloquent 2:34
4. Pothole Pirouette 4:03
5. Dip 3:29
6. Back to the Head 2:32
7. Jump Spin 4:07
8. Unbounded 3:00
9. A Feint Idea 2:35
10. Etoile 2:32