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Format: CD
Artist: The Pineapple Thief
CatNo: KSCOPE613
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The Pineapple Thief Dissolution Bruce Soord Gavin Harrison cd
TPT’s highly anticipated 2018 studio release Dissolution  - the second to feature Gavin Harrison - sees the band elevate itself to new heights, showcasing developing songwriting and technical capabilities.  
The album concept tells of the dark consequences of living in a society in which everything is played out on a public stage (a theme paralleled in the cover art, which was created by 'glitching' the original photographs).
Songwriter Bruce Soord explains, "In a time when we are supposed to be bound closer together than ever, I have never felt so apart from the world.  We are living through a revolution and right now I am not sure it’s a good one. Lyrically this is the most vivid I have been."
The band recorded Dissolution across the UK, sharing ideas via instant messaging. 
The mixing was handled by Soord and Harrison, and mastering was done by the band's keyboardist Steve Kitch
Ace guitarist David Torn guest on the song White Mist.
CD edition in Sleevepac packaging complete with 24-page booklet.
1. Not Naming Any Names [02:05]
2. Try As I Might [04:26]
3. Threatening War [06:37]
4. Uncovering Your Tracks [04:29]
5. All That You've Got [03:27]
6. Far Below [04:36]
7. Pillar of Salt [01:25]
8. White Mist [11:05]
9. Shed A Light [05:20]