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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tangerine Dream
CatNo: KSCOPE1099
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Tangerine Dream Views From A Red Train Double vinyl Kscope
Tangerine Dream's 2008 release now on Kscope.
Views From A Red Train, originally announced to become Edgar Froese's solo album for summer 2007, was finally released in April 2008 as a regular Tangerine Dream album. Though all compositions are still by Edgar Froese he was accompanied by one or two of his fellow band members on all but one track.
Regarded as one of the best latter-year Tangerine Dream albums by fans and critics alike, this album stands alongside earlier, classic TD recordings. 
Double vinyl editon in gatefold.
1. Carmel Calif
2. Passing All Signs
3. Leviathan
1. Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit
2. Nutshell Awakening
3. One Night In Space
1. Serpent Magique
2. Lord Of The Ants
1. Fire On The Mountain
2. Sound Of A Shell