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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Richard Barbieri
CatNo: KSCOPE1109
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Richard Barbieri Under A Spell Double vinyl Japan PT
Under A Spell is the atmospheric 2021 release from keyboard innovator, Richard Barbieri.
Intent on spontaneously capturing textures and moods rather than slaving over arrangements and melodies, on Under A Spell Richard presents a set of dream-like, yet sharply defined compositions.
Barbieri says, “I wrote and recorded the album in my studio at home, with all the strangeness of the Covid-19 pandemic going on outside. As a result, it became something completely different for me: this weird, self-contained dream-state album.”
The album’s title perfectly encapsulates the haunting world Barbieri has created. Songs such as the skittering, billowing Clockwork and Sketch 6 (with its dub-inspired soundscape) hang suspended in a strange half-world between sleep and waking - a subconscious reflection of the surreal state the planet has found itself in over recent months.
There are voices but no vocals, collaborators include Marillion frontman Steve Hogarth and Swedish singer Lisen Rylander Love.
Barbieri's willingness to constantly redefine his own musical boundaries are more evident than ever on Under A Spel, which represents another milestone on an utterly unique journey.
140g double vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve.
1. Under A Spell [7:19]
2. Clockwork [2:33]
1. Flare 2 [8:51]
2. A Star Light [3:50]
1. Serpentine [6:22]
2. Sleep Will Find You [2:51]
3. Sketch 6 [6:30]
1. Darkness Will Find You  [4:58]
2. Lucid [6:14]