Price: £28.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Richard Barbieri
CatNo: KSCOPE1027
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Richard Barbieri's second solo album, Stranger Inside, available on vinyl for the first time.
Stranger Inside followed the artistic and critical success Things Buried and further developed his unique sound. 
Writing and producing the album himself, the album includes contributions from long-term creative partners Steve Jansen (mixing/co-arranging), Steven Wilson (mastering), Gavin Harrison (drums) and the legendary double bass player, Danny Thompson
Although instrumental in nature, most tracks feature radical and atmospheric manipulations of the sampled voices of Tim Bowness and Suzanne Barbieri.
Double vinyl in wide spine sleeve.
Side A
1. Cave [06:32]
2. All Fall Down [03:11]
3. Hypnotek [08:16]
Side B
1. Decay [05:02]
2. Abyssyn [06:45]
3. Byzantium [07:32]
Side C
1. Morphia [05:44]
2. Retina Blur [04:30]
3. Stranger Inside [03:36