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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Richard Barbieri
CatNo: KSCOPE942
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Richard Barbieri Planets Persona Japan vinyl
Planets + Persona, the 2017 studio album from Richard Barbieri, is the most sonically expansive work to date from the former Japan and Porcupine Tree keyboard maestro.
The album combines vintage analogue synthesisers with acoustic instrumentation, and incorporates some unexpected Jazz elements, pitching Barbieri's unique sound designs against improvisations from a personally hand-picked group of guest musicians that includes Percy Jones, Luca Calabrese and Lisen Rylander Love. 
As on Stranger Inside, manipulated voices (courtesy of Rylander Love) are present.
Recorded across Europe in studios in London, Italy and Sweden, Barbieri's third album is without doubt his most ambitious solo release to date. 
Highlighting the album's central theme of duality, the artwork features photographic scenes of dramatic Icelandic landscapes.
Double heavyweight vinyl edition in gatefold cover cut at 45rpm for maximum quality. Mastered by Simon Heyworth.
1. Solar Sea (7:30)
2. New Found Land (7:17)
1. Night Of The Hunter (10:44)
1. Interstellar Medium (5:38)
2. Unholy (8:58)
1. Shafts Of Light (6:39)
2. Solar Storm (6:22)