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Format: Vinyl
Artist: O.R.k.
CatNo: KSCOPE1196
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ORK Screamnasium Green vinyl Kscope Colin Edwin Pat Mastelotto
Expansive and emotive, O.R.k.’s Screamnasium combines the gargantuan talents of Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), LEFPat Mastelotto (King Crimson), and Carmelo Pipitone (Marta Sui Tubi).
O.R.k’s finest album to date is spontaneous yet intricately crafted. The perfect catharsis for our troubled times.
Limited green vinyl edition.
With the quartet having formed a strong creative bond over the course of three previous studio albums and with countless miles clocked up on tour, the highly anticipated follow up to 2019’s acclaimed Ramagehead has finally arrived. The pent up, derailed energies of O.R.k. have found a release with their gutsy and striking new album Screamnasium.
Lef’s powerful vocals, Carmelo Pipitone’s energetic riffing, Pat Mastelotto’s inventive rhythmic accompaniment and Colin Edwin’s distinctive bass tones all infuse Screamnasium with an intensity and luminosity. Energy levels are maintained throughout the 42 minute runtime as O.R.k. state the case for optimism, tolerance and inclusivity - these are hopeful anthems for an increasingly uncertain world.
Album closer Someone Waits features virtuoso cellist Jo Quail who provides seductive, intertwining melodies which contrast the huge riffs underpinning Screamnasium’s sound. 
The creative duo of Grammy winning art director Adam Jones (of Tool) and Marvel/DC Comics illustrator Denis Rodier have handled the artwork and layout to create an iconic album artwork with remarkable visual imagery, while mixing and Mastering duties have been undertaken by Machine (Lamb of God, King Crimson, Clutch).
1. As I Leave
2. Unspoken Words
3. Consequence (feat. Elisa)
4. I Feel Wrong
5. Don`t Call Me A Joke
1. Hope For The Ordinary
2. Deadly Bite
3. Something Broke
4. Lonely Crowd
5. Someone Waits