Price: £120.00
Format: Boxset
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
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Ozric Tentacles TTGC and TOE Bundle Ed Wynne Kscope

The two most recent multi-disc Ozric Tentacles Deluxe Hardback Book sets available as a bundle.


Travelling The Great Circle is an 8 Disc, 80-page Hardback Book set, offering for the first time, an in depth view into one of the Ozric Tentacles most intensely creative spells. Containing the first four official studio albums, along with three bonus discs featuring ‘Demos & Rarities’, ‘Live Underslunky’ & 'Remixes' all remastered by Ed Wynne, and live at the Fridge, Brixton, 1991 on DVD.


Trees Of Eternity (1994 - 2000) is a 7 CD, 72-page Hardback Book set containing 6 studio releases and the never-before-released Live at Fillmore, 1998. As with Travelling The Great Circle, all audio has been remastered by Ed Wynne.