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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: KSCOPE1188
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Ozric Tentacles Sliding Gliding Worlds Ed Wynne Vinyl
Ed Wynne remaster of Sliding Gliding Worlds (1988).
The fifth Ozrics cassette release, Sliding Gliding Worlds is regarded by many Ozrics fans as the bands’ best cassette-era release. On this record, Ozric Tentacles developed its sound away from Gong and Steve Hillage influenced Space Rock towards a complex, melodic blend of experimental Space Jazz and 'world music'.
Double vinyl version.
1. Yaboop Yaboop
2. Soda Water
3. The Code For Chickendon
4. Guzzard
1. The Dusty Pouch
2. Sliding And Gliding
3. Kick Muck
1. It`s A Hup-Ho World
2. Atmospheric Underslunky
3. (Omnidirectional) Bhadra
1. Fetch Me The Pongmaster
2. Mae Hong Song
3. White Rhino Tea
4. Loaf Jaw
5. The Green Island