Price: £19.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: O.R.k.
CatNo: KSCOPE1195
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ORk Inflamed Rides Blue vinyl Kscope
2022 blue vinyl edition of the 2015 debut album from O.R.k.
This new Kscope edition has been remastered in by Francesco Guadalupi.
Available for the first time ever on vinyl.
A band comprising some of contemporary music's most revered creators, O.R.k. released their debut album Inflamed Rides in 2015. The band are: accomplished singer and composer LEF (lead vocals), Pat Mastelotto (drums, King Crimson), Colin Edwin (bass, ex-Porcupine Tree) and Carmelo Pipitone (guitars, Marta Sui Tubi).  
Inflamed Rides is an intriguing collaborative debut release which defies easy categorisation. A primordial and energetic fusion of playful acoustic psychedelia, precise math rock and intense ambient electronica, the album delivers a soundscape rich with controlled chaos, much praised on release:  
“An electric storm that takes no prisoners but could seduce an army” Prog  |  “Impressive debut” Drummer  |  “Expertly done” Rock a Rolla
1. Jellyfish
2. Breakdown
3. Pyre
4. Funfair
5. Bed Of Stones
1. No Need
2. Vuoto
3. Dream Of Black Dust
4. Funny Games
5. Black Dust