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Format: CD
Artist: North Atlantic Oscillation
CatNo: KSCOPE143
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After a busy and exciting 2009, releasing their debut EP and playing shows with the likes of Porcupine Tree, Explosions in the Sky and Cymbals Eat Guitars, North Atlantic Oscillation?s debut album, Grappling Hooks looks set to be a major sound of 2010.
The band have been described as prog-pop and electro-rock, but really they just make music. The band's music has soaring harmonies and loud guitars, dreamy synths and heavy drums, strange effects and unexpected changes-of-mind.
The band describe themselves as, "Playing our instruments within a computerised wall of sound."
Grappling Hooks is a subtle yet powerful kaleidoscope of purring electronics, atmospheric layers and hook-laden melodies. Preceded by single Drawing Maps from Memory, the album proves that the praise that was heaped upon Callsigns EP was entirely justified.
All orders placed through the Kscope store come with a bonus disc featuring remixes of tracks from the album.
'Their bright, friendly electronics and Brian Wilson harmonies suggest Scotland may have the beginnings of its own Animal Collective. Ones to watch.' Metro
'They really are quite alarmingly good' Drowned in Sound Single of the Week
'NAO may well be your favourite new band' Artrocker
1. Marrow
2. Hollywood Has Ended
3. Cell Count
4. Some Blue Hive
5. Audioplastic
6. Ceiling Poem
7. Alexanderplatz
8. 77 Hours
9. Star Chambers
10. Drawing Maps From Memory
11. Ritual