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Format: CD
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: KSCOPE692
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Marillion Radiation 2CD Kscope
2021 mid-price Kscope double CD edition of 1998's Radiation featuring the original album alongside the 2013 Michael Hunter remix / remaster
Radiation was the band's tenth studio album and debuted in the top 40 in the UK when it was originally released. The album saw Marilllion abandon the acoustic approach of This Strange Engine and revisit the heavier sound of Afraid Of Sunlight. This change in sound as well as the experimentation with different instrument tones and vocal effects and samples led to a more pop sound than that previously heard from the group. 
1. Costa Del Slough (2013 remix)
2. Under The Sun (2013 remix)
3. The Answering Machine (2013 remix)
4. Three Minute Boy (2013 remix)
5. Now She'll Never Know (2013 remix)
6. These Chains (2013 remix)
7. Born To Run (2013 remix)
8. Cathedral Wall (2013 remix)
9. A Few Words For The Dead (2013 remix)
1. Costa Del Slough (original)
2. Under The Sun (original)
3. The Answering Machine (original)
4. Three Minute Boy (original)
5. Now She'll Never Know (original)
6. These Chains (original)
7. Born To Run (original)
8. Cathedral Wall (original)
9. A Few Words For The Dead (original)