Price: £9.99
Format: CD
Artist: Lunatic Soul
Availability: 09-08-2024
CatNo: KSCOPE3024
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Lunatic_Soul CD
2024 mid-price CD edition of Lunatic Soul’s 2008 debut.
“An oriental-trans-psychedelic-verbal-musical journey through the pitch darkness available only to those who have... a lunatic soul.” - Mariusz Duda
The solo project of multi-instrumentalist, producer, and enigmatic Riverside frontman Mariusz Duda, Lunatic Soul blends elements of ambient, oriental, and electronic music, with lyrics that often centre around themes of life and death. On LS's celebrated debut,, Duda crafted expansive soundscapes incorporating hypnotic tribal rhythms, Eastern folk influences, and bold prog-rock elements.
CD in digipak with 4-page booklet.
1. Prebirth [1:10]
2. The New Beginning [4:49]
3. Out On A Limb [5:27]
4. Summerland [4:59]
5. Lunatic Soul [6:47]
6. Where The Darkness Is Deepest [3:57]
7. Near Life Experience [5:26]
8. Adrift [3:05]
9. The Final Truth [7:34]
10. Waiting For The Dawn [3:35]