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Format: cd
Artist: Jon Gomm
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Jon Gomm The Faintest Idea and Secrets No CD bundle

A bundle of the CDs The Faintest Idea and Secrets Nobody Keeps by Jon Gomm.


Acoustic guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm combines deep emotions with immense melodic pop landscapes on his 2020 album The Faintest Idea.


A 2021 reissue of Jon Gomm's 2013 album Secrets Nobody Keeps
This 'Passionflower 10 Year Anniversary Edition' marks a decade since the release of Jon's career-defining single Passionflower and includes the album’s original 10 songs alongside the 2020 version of Passionflower. 

The Faintest Idea

1. Deep Sea Fishes [05:27]
2. Cocoon [04:08]
3. Dream Factories [04:52]
4. Tempest [04:35]
5. The Ghost Inside You [04:59]
6. Universal Biology [06:52]
7. Song For A Rainy Day [03:30]
8. Check You're Still Breathing [03:30]
9. Butterfly Hurricane [05:28]
10. Swallow You Whole [06:14]
11. Until The Sun Destroys The Earth [04:35]
Secrets Nobody Keeps
1. Telepathy
2. Ain't Nobody
3. There’s No Need To Be Afraid
4. Wukan Motorcycle Kid
5. Deep Cut
6. Orville (The Secret Of Learning To Fly Is Forgetting To Hit The Ground)
7. Passionflower (SNK Version)
8. Message In A Bottle
9. Dance Of The Last Rhino
10. Everything/You To Me Are Everything/Running Up That Hill
11. Passionflower (2020 Version)