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Format: Vinyl
Artist: iamthemorning
CatNo: KSCOPE1015
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iamthemorning the bell lp vinyl gleb kolyadin prog classical
The Bell - iamthemorning’s 2019 studio album - delivers a contemporary fusion of Rock, Classical and Folk influences.
Inspired by 19th Century song cycles - a style established by Schubert - the album cohesively tells 10 individual stories of pain caused by human cruelty. The lyrical imagery draws on themes from Victorian England's art and culture (with its prevalent fixation with death).
The artwork, created by Constantine Nagishkin, portrays the once popular 'coffin bell' used as an alert system to indicate that a person had been mistakenly buried alive (a terrible phobia commonly held by Victorians). 
The engineering and mastering was handled by Vlad Avy, and recorded in March 2019 across Russia, the UK and Canada in several studios: Mosfilm in Moscow; Lendoc and Red Wave in St Petersburg; Noatune in London; The Studio at Sunbeams, Penrith; and Union Sound Company in Toronto.
180g vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with poster booklet.
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A.1. Freak Show [7:09]
A.2. Sleeping Beauty [3:42]
A.3. Blue Sea (LP edit) [2:02]
A.4. Black And Blue (LP edit) [3:38]
A.5. Six Feet [03:56]
A.6. Song Of Psyche (LP edit) [2:50]
B.1. Ghost Of A Story [3:58]
B.2. Lillies [4:28]
B.3. Salute [7:27]
B.4. The Bell [5:04]