Price: £17.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Godsticks
CatNo: KSCOPE1045
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Godsticks Emergence vinyl LP darran charles
The first ever vinyl pressing of Godstick’s 2015 album Emergence.
"Emergence is a rare thing – an album of technically astounding prog-metal replete with hooks and melodies.” - Total Guitar
180g LP presented in single sleeve packaging.
Known for its technical ability, Godsticks meld metal, prog-rock, jazz and nu-metal into a musically and thematically cohesive album. Emergence has been placed in favourable comparison to Queensrÿche’s Operation: Mindcrime, Dream Theater’s Scenes From a Memory, Tool’s Lateralus and Opeth’s Blackwater Park.
"A truly captivating album far ahead of some of the more predictable prog-metal releases.” - PROG
"A mighty tour de force of tip-top riffery.” - Guitarist
A.1. Below The Belt (Radio Edit) [04:43]
A.2. Ruin [03:58]
A.3. Much Sinister [04:30]
A.4. Exit Stage Right [05:46]
A.5. All That Remains [04:38]
B.1. Hopeless Situation [04:30]
B.2. One Percent [06:30]
B.3. Emergence [06:10]
B.4. Leave Or Be Left [01:06]
B.5. Lack Of Scrutiny [06:59]