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Format: Vinyl/CD
Artist: Gleb Kolyadin (iamthemorning)
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Gleb Kolyadin The Outland CD-vinyl bundle iamthemorning
A bundle of the CD and vinyl versions of The Outland, iamthemorning pianist Gleb Kolyadin's 2022 studio album. 
Featuring Gavin Harrison on drums, Tony Levin on upright bass, and Vlad Avy on guitars, the instrumental opus stylistically shifts between classical piano, jazz-rock and fusion with echoes of Pat Metheny and Hiromi, Steve Reich's minimalism, British folk, cinematic soundtracks and references to 1970s-80s progressive rock in the vein of Gong and Mike Oldfield.
The artwork by Andhika Ramadahian portrays a hermit, trapped in a geometrically paradoxical space, symbolising the turbulent times The Outland was written in. 
This is The Outland - a world within a world, assembled from disparate fragments. Kolyadin has created a universe, escaping from the turbulence of the everyday and viewing the world through introspection. The rich, warm textures comfort the listener, while structurally the track-listing is built on the principle of a symphonic suite of six movements, with a short intermission in the centre - making for an ideal vinyl listening experience. The entire album loops, allowing the listener to be immersed into Kolyadin’s new dimension.  


1. Voyager
2. Ascension
3. Cascades
4. Mercurial
5. Apparatus
6. Hermitage
1. Voyager
2. Ascension
3. Cascades
1. Mercurial
2. Apparatus
3. Hermitage