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Format: CD
Artist: Gleb Kolyadin
CatNo: KSCOPE659
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Mid-price CD edition of Gleb Kolyadin’s debut solo album.
In digipak with an 8-page booklet.
An emotive exploration of self-identity, the album's central concept weaves through an elaborate tonal and thematic structure, built around the extraordinary rhythm section of Gavin Harrison and Nick Beggs, which is augmented by guest appearances from Steve Hogarth, Jordan Rudess, Mick Moss and Theo Travis.
 “The single greatest pianist I've ever met in my life.” - Daniel Cavanagh
"Gleb Kolyadin is a beautiful pianist and a great musician.” - Steve Hogarth
“Gleb is an extremely rare talent as a pianist and as a composer. His compositions are very inspiring as he breaks new ground on the instrument.” - Gavin Harrison
"Gleb Kolyadin is a rare talent. A virtuoso classical pianist with tremendous compositional skills.” - Nick Beggs
1. Insight [4:12]
2. Astral Architecture (featuring Mick Moss) [6:30]
3. White Dawn [2:33]
4. Kaleidoscope [5:52]
5. Eidolon [2:12]
6. Into The Void [1:46]
7. The Room [4:13]
8. Confluence (featuring Steve Hogarth) [10:22]
9. Constellation / The Bell [3:23]
10. Echo / Sigh / Strand [2:29]
11. Penrose Stairs [5:04]
12. Storyteller (featuring Jordan Rudess) [3:20]
13. The Best Of Days (featuring Steve Hogarth) [3:24]