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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Giancarlo Erra
CatNo: KSCOPE995
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giancarlo erra ends vinyl electronica contemporary classical
On his debut solo album Ends, Giancarlo Erra ably demonstrates a masterful gift for producing timelessly intimate and profoundly affecting music. 
Limited ocean blue 180g heavyweight vinyl edition in single sleeve reverse-board packaging.
Orders through Burning Shed will come with a hi-res stereo / surround sound 5.1 download.
Comprising a suite of eight thematically linked instrumentals, Ends deploys sparse piano patterns, synth textures, eerily beautiful string quartet performances, and subtle electronic pulses to create a compelling whole that establishes Erra as a composer of rare sensitivity and singular purpose.
Recalling the tonal contemporary classical miniatures of Arvo Pärt and Max Richter, the soundtracks of Nils Frahm and Clint Mansell, and the early electronica of the likes of Roedelius and Schulze, Ends presents a connected series of suspended sonic reveries that shift and build in unexpected and frequently heartbreaking ways.
Produced and performed by Erra - along with a Danish / Icelandic quartet comprising Elis Marteinsson (violin), Krista Sverrisdóttir (violin), Nicolaj Nielsen (viola) and Quynh Lephan (cello) - some of the album’s vividly cinematic soundscapes will be used in a forthcoming documentary film by Australian film-maker Dion Johnson.
Freed from the constraints of writing songs and creating frameworks for his long-running post-rock collective Nosound, with Ends Erra has delivered the purest distillation of his musical vision. 
In abandoning his voice, Giancarlo Erra has discovered a new one.

"From the first note it is game overClash 8/10

1. End III [4:05]
2. End II [4:03]
3. End I [5:25]
4. End VII [6:44]
1. End V [4:24]
2. End IV [5:06]
3. End VI [4:42]
4. Ends Coda [4:02]