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Artist: Gazpacho
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The 2011 studio release from acclaimed Norwegian Post-Progressive band Gazpacho, and its first for the Kscope label.
Intelligent and compelling Rock dynamics meet Ambient, Classical and World Music influences on the band's darkest album to date.
"A delightfully mellifluous selection. They won't be Norway's best kept secret much longer." Jerry Ewing, Classic Rock Prog
Formed in Oslo in 1996 by childhood friends Jon-Arne Vilbo and Thomas Andersen along with Jan-Henrik Ohme (later joined by Mikael Kromer, Robert R Johansen and Kristian Torp), Gazpacho have honed their unique sound over a string of critically acclaimed albums and numerous tours, including several with long-time supporters Marillion. 
These albums and tours, and the internet and word-of-mouth praise that have greeted them, have helped the band build a substantial international fan base. All the band's releases until this point have either been self-released or on Marillion's Racket Records label but the band have now signed to Kscope who are set to give an international release to the band's latest album Missa Atropos, which has previously only been available in Germany.
The follow-up to 2009's Tick Tock (Album Of The Month, Eclipsed), Missa Atropos is an ambitious concept album. Dealing with themes of death, fear and loneliness, it combines the band's musical skills and haunting songwriting to create a beautiful and hypnotic piece of art.
Darker than the band's previous two albums, it still features many distinctive Gazpacho characteristics, such as ambient passages, classical influences, elements of world music, and samples of coded information sent during the cold war on short wave radio.
This edition of the album is in a standard jewel case.
1. Mass For Atropos I
2. Defense Mechanism
3. I Was Never Here
4. Snail
5. River
6. Mass For Atropos II
7. Missa Atropos
8. She's Awake
9. Vera
10. Will to Live
11. Mass for Atropos III
12. Splendid Isolation
13. An Audience