Price: £28.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix
CatNo: KSCOPE901
Kscope label release of the debut release from progressive post-rock supergroup Crippled Black Phoenix.
A Love of Shared Disasters was released on Invada Records followed in 2006, followed in 2009 by Resurrectionists and Night Raider. It was the band's fourth album released in 2010 on Invada Records - I, Vigilante - that garnered the band widespread acclaim.
A Love Of Shared Disasters was the first of a trilogy, featuring literary historical tales and personal stories of loss and love, the band produced a captivating sound that's simultaneously archaic and modern. 
180g heavyweight double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with alternative artwork.
1. The Lament Of The Nithered Mercenary [2:36]
2. Really, How'd It Get This Way [4:49]
3. The Whistler [9:45]
1. Suppose I Told The Truth (Why I Had To Go) [5:03]
2. When You're Gone [5:35]
3. Long Cold Summer [10:24]
1. Goodnight, Europe [6:08]
2. You Take The Devil Out Of Me [4:23]
3. The Northern Cobbler [7:13]
1. My Enemies I Fear Not, But Protect Me From My Friends [6:34]
2. I'm Almost Home [05:32]
3. Sharks & Storms / Blizzard Of Horned Cats [8:19]