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Format: CD
Artist: Anekdoten
CatNo: KSCOPE671
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Anekdoten A Time Of Day CD Kscope
Mid-price Kscope label reissue of the 2007 album from Anekdoten. 
The band had to mix the album in a studio they were not used to and were never happy with the overall sound. Main man Nicklas Barker says, “We have re-mastered it twice (in 2007 and 2012), but still not with the result we wanted. With this mastering by Hans Fredriksson in January 2020 we finally feel that the greatness of this album revealed.”
'They’re masters at the art of shifting on a dime from brooding solemnity to full throated and grinding Rock.’  - Exposé Magazine
CD in digipak with 8-page booklet, remastered in 2020 by Hans Fredriksson.


1. The Great Unknown (06:19)
2. 30 Pieces (07:12)
3. King Oblivion (05:02)
4. A Sky About To Rain (06:34)
5. Every Step I Take (03:01)
6. Stardust And Sand (04:29)
7. In For A Ride (06:43)
8. Prince Of The Ocean (05:33)
Bonus Tracks
9. In For A Ride (Demo 2006) (06:29)
10. King Oblivion (Demo 2006) (05:32)
11. 30 Pieces (Demo 2006) (06:57)
12. Prince Of The Ocean (Demo 2006) (05:40)
13. Stardust And Sand (Demo 2006) (02:40)