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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: KSCOPE884
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anathema a sort of homecoming vinyl
Please note, this final copy has a small crease to the top left corner, and has an indentation to the top of the sleeve. Sold as seen, no returns.
A Sort Of Homecoming is a triple 180g black vinyl LP presented in a gatefold sleeve including MP3 download code with a 4 page colour booklet.
Featuring 15 songs selected from the albums Distant Satellites, We're Here Because We're Here, Hindsight and Weather Systems, the band were accompanied throughout by David Wesling on cello, alongside special guest, the renowned violinist, Anna Phoebe, on a haunting rendition of Anathema. 
The audio has been produced and mixed by Christer-Andre Cederberg, who worked on the band's Distant Satellites album. 
The cover and booklet artwork features the stunning photography from the show by long-time collaborator Caroline Traitler. 
'A once in a lifetime experience that words can barely do justice.' - Prog 
1. The Lost Song Part 2 [6:39]
2. Untouchable Part 1 [6:29]
1. Untouchable Part 2 [6:25]
2. Thin Air [6:44]
3. Dreaming Light [6:23]
1. Anathema [7:32]
2. Ariel [6:08]
3. Electricity [3:53]
1. Temporary Peace [5:54]
2. The Beginning And The End [5:21]
3. Distant Satellites [8:04]
1. Take Shelter [9:28]
2. Internal Landscapes [7:03]
1. A Natural Disaster [8:45]
2. Fragile Dreams [7:32]