Price: £28.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix
CatNo: KSCOPE897
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Vigilante I Crippled Black Phoenix vinyl


Crippled Black Phoenix's majestic 2006 release 'I, Vigilante' available on vinyl for the first time, as double LP, with 3 sides of music and a fourth side featuring a stunning cover artwork etching on 180g black vinyl.
An album of uncompromising  soundscapes and 'end-time ballads', with songs that feel both sky-crackingly epic and intimate at the same time. 
'Six towering epics given vigour by the fury of hardcore, the communal euphoria of Black Mountian-like prog and that same twinkle of hope found in Mogwai's raging beauty.' - NME


1. Troublemaker [8:32]
2. We Forgotten Who We Are [10:46]
1. Fantastic Justice [7:53]
2. Bastogne Blues [11:59]
1. Of A Lifetime [6:44]
2. Burning Bridges [2:30]