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Format: cd
Artist: ProjeKct Two
CatNo: DGM9801
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2cd projekct two space groove panegyric
ProjeKct Two, featuring Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn and Adrian Belew (in an unaccustomed role as drummer), was the second of King Crimson's ProjeKcts to be planned, but the first to play and record. 
Space Groove, recorded over three days (19-21 November 1997), comprises an hour and half's worth of typically idiosyncratic and adventurous improvisations captured in the studio during the band's first sessions together. 
Disc 1:
1. Space Groove II
2. Space Groove III
3. Space Groove I
Disc 2:
1. Happy Hour on Planet Zarg
2. Is There Life on Zarg?
3. Low Life in Sector Q-3
4. Sector Shift
5. Laura in Space
6. Sector Drift
7. Sector Patrol
8. In Space There Is No North, in Space There Is No South, in Space There
9. Vector Patrol
10. Deserts of Arcadia (North)
Adrian Belew - V drums
Robert Fripp - guitar
Trey Gunn - touch guitar, guitar synth