Price: £23.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: King Crimson
CatNo: KCLP2
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In The Wake Of Poseidon King Crimson Vinyl
'In The Wake Of Poseidon' is the second in a series of audiophile King Crimson vinyl reissues. 
Newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp, this super-heavyweight vinyl re-issue is housed in a reprint of the original gatefold sleeve.
An ambitious follow-up to the iconic 'In the Court of The Crimson King', 'In The Wake of Poseidon' justly continues to intrigue King Crimson fans over 40 years after its initial release.
Side One
1. Peace - A Beginning (0:49) 
2. Pictures Of A City (including 42nd At Treadmill) (8:03) 
3. Cadence And Cascade (4:27) 
4. In The Wake Of Poseidon (incl. Libra's Theme) (7:56) 
Side Two
1. Peace - A Theme (1:15) 
2. Cat Food (4:54) 
3. The Devil's Triangle (11:39) 
- a. Merday Morn 
- b. Hand Of Sceiron 
- c. Garden Of Worm 
4. Peace - An End (1:53)
- Robert Fripp / guitar, mellotron, devices
- Greg Lake / vocals
- Michael Giles / drums
- Peter Giles / bass
- Keith Tippett / piano
- Mel Collins / saxes, flute
- Gordon Haskell / vocals on 'Cadence And Cascade'
- Peter Sinfield / words