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Format: CD
Artist: King Crimson
CatNo: KCCD6080
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King Crimson Cat Food EP CD
Expanded 50th anniversary edition of King Crimson’s first non-album single from 1970, featuring artwork derived from Peter Sinfield’s original 7” cover. 
Featuring Cat Food (single version), Groon (original single B-side), a live version of Cat Food performed by the current KC line-up in Toronto in September 2019, and an alternate mix of the album version of Cat Food prepared by David Singleton as part of the KC50 digital series.
There were few less likely performances on the UK’s premier chart television show Top Of The Pops than that of a temporary line-up of King Crimson miming to the band’s early 1970 single  release Cat Food. The band’s first (and only) - isolated from album release - foray into the fickle world of the singles market did not, even with a TOTP appearance, produce a hit to dominate UK and worldwide charts but, along with its quirky instrumental non-album b side Groon, has achieved long-term appeal with King Crimson fans. 
A longer version of Cat Food would appear on the band’s second studio album in May 1970, In The Wake Of Poseidon and a live version of Groon was a highlight of the Earthbound Live album (while numerous studio takes were featured on both the 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A of  In The Wake Of Poseidon and the Sailors’ Tales boxed set. Cat Food also appeared in a powerful version on The Great Deceiver boxed set and made a lauded return to KC’s repertoire on the band's 2019’s world tour.


1) Cat Food (single version)
2) Groon (original single B-side)
3) Cat Food (live version)
4) Cat Food (alternate mix)