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Artist: King Crimson
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king crimson in the court of the crimson king 40th panegyric 2cd
Recorded over a period of 10 days in August 1969 & released on October 10th of the same year In The Court Of The Crimson King stands as one of the defining albums of British rock music & one of the finest debut albums of all time. Described at the time as "an uncanny masterpiece" by Pete Townshend, the album has achieved legendary status over the years. It is the only studio document of an extraordinary year in the life of King Crimson; a year that began with the group's first rehearsals on January 13th, included a residency at the Marquee Club, a concert in Hyde Park with The Rolling Stones, the recording and release of the album and ended with the dissolution of the lineup at the close of Crimson's 1st American tour in December. 
In the 40 years since its release In The Court of the Crimson King has never been out of print or unavailable in any of the world's main music markets & continues to enjoy consistently high sales.
Now expanded with a completely new mix, previously unreleased tracks & a stunning 5.1 Surround Sound mix. Steven Wilson said of the mixing work "The intention is certainly not to try to replace or supersede the 1969 mix (which, like many classic albums, is what it is partly because of the limitations of the original recording circumstances), but to provide an alternate perspective to what must now be considered not only a rock masterpiece, but also the foundation stone of progressive rock."
Robert Fripp:- guitar 
Ian McDonald: reeds, woodwind, vibes, keyboards, mellotron, vocals 
Greg Lake: bass guitar, lead vocals 
Michael Giles: drums, percussion, vocals 
Peter Sinfield: words and illumination 
Double CD version:
* Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp have collaborated to produce a completely new stereo mix drawn directly from the original multitrack tapes
* CD1 features the new mix plus 5 additional tracks drawn from the original recording sessions - a complete version of Moonchild (edited on the new stereo mix), a flute/guitar duet of I Talk to the Wind, an alternate mix of I Talk to the Wind, the full Epitaph backing track & the session recording of the 'wind' noises used to introduce the album at the start of 21st Century Schizoid Man
* CD2 features the 2004 remaster of the original album drawn from the original master tape plus bonus tracks including the Morgan studios instrumental take of 21st Century Schizoid Man, 2 tracks from 1969 BBC John Peel sessions, (21st Century Schizoid Man & I Talk to the Wind (the latter previously unreleased) and de-clicked vinyl transfer of the original mono a+b side single edits of In the Court of the Crimson King. 
* Presented as a 2CD Jewel case edition with new sleeve notes by Robert Fripp & King Crimson biographer Sid Smith along with rare photos & archive material.