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Format: DVD
Artist: King Crimson
CatNo: DGM9810
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King Crimson Deja VROOM Surround dvd
Robert Fripp: Guitar, Soundscapes, Mellotron
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Voice, Words
Trey Gunn: Stick, Backing Vocals
Tony Levin:  Upright & Electric Basses, Backing Vocals
Pat Mastelotto & Bill Bruford: Acoustic & Electronic Percussions
The ground-breaking DVD from 1998 remastered with improved menu navigation featuring:-
A full concert of the 1990s double trio lineup recorded in Tokyo in 1996
Multiple viewing angles for many tracks
Multiple audio selection
Multiple 5.1 audio streams for 6 tracks enabling highlight of individual musicians
'vector patrol' enabling bias selection (where available) to view/hear performance
from perspective of each individual musician.    
+ Many extras including
Mix your own 21st Century Schizoid Man feature - mix/match user defined singer/soloist/rhythm section options from 1969, 1971, 1974, 1996 lineups
Road movies of touring life shot by Tony Levin 
Commentaries written by Robert Fripp
King Crimson biographies
Section featuring P.J.Crook's paintings used in the artwork
1 Circular Improv
3 Frame by Frame
4 Dinosaur
5 One Time 
6 Red
9 Matte Kudasai
10 Three of a Perfect Pair
12 Coda:Marine 475  
13 Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream 
14 Elephant Talk
15 Indiscipline  
16 Talking Drum
17 Larks' Tongues in Aspic part II  
18 People
19 Walking on Air