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Format: cd
Artist: King Crimson
CatNo: DGM5008
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the collectable king crimson king crimson kc 2cd vol4
Like fine wine King Crimson lineups seem to improve with age - at least that's what the fan reaction tells us. Each new lineup is embraced with enthusiasm accompanied by a little caution only to become, usually in retrospect, "the best KC lineup/tour/gig I ever saw...". The 90s double trio/sextet 
lineup was just reaching the point of mass acceptance when, in true Crim fashion, it was replaced with the leaner quartet lineup featured on this 2CD set. Taken directly from the band's own dat tapes of the event 'Live in Warsaw' is an ideal companion to the simultaneously reissued 'Eyes Wide Open' 
DVD. The Millennial Crimson packed a punch with a powerful set featuring material from the then recently released ConstruKction of Light album plus a selection of improvs, Crim concert favourites 
& an encore of David Bowie's Heroes.. (It was, after all, Robert Fripp who fashioned the ultra-distinctive guitar part on the original David Bowie recording)
Overview: The Collectable King Crimson series presents recordings drawn from the band's own extensive high quality concert tape archive, rehearsal tapes & audio restored bootlegs of historic recordings. Focusing on live performances that are of particular interest to the band's extensive fanbase, most titles in the series, including this one, are issued for a limited period only and sold at a special price.
Disc One:
1. ProzaKc Blues
2. The ConstruKction of Light
3. The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
4. Improv: Warsaw
5. Dinosaur
6. One Time
8. Cage
Disc Two:
1. Into the Frying Pan
2. Larks' Tongues in Aspic: Part IV
3. Three of a Perfect Pair
4. The Deception of the Thrush
5. Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
6. Heroes