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Format: vinyl
Artist: Ian Anderson
CatNo: KSCOPE860_del
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Ian Anderson Homo Erraticus double vinyl
The 2014 conceptual masterclass from Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson reunites Anderson with Thick As A Brick lyricist Gerald Bostock for the first time since 1972.
A wonderfully ambitious fusion of Folk, Rock and Metal stylings. Or, put another way, Prog.
In 2012 Ian Anderson released Thick As A Brick 2, the follow-up to Jethro Tull's legendary 1972 concept album. A critical and commercial success, TAAB2 charted around the world and saw Anderson rediscovering and reinventing the more Progressive elements in his work.
The original Thick As A Brick album was based around an epic poem by disgraced child prodigy Gerald Bostock, while TAAB2 speculated on what had happened to Bostock in the intervening 40 years. 
Released on Anderson's own Calliandra imprint via Kscope, 2014's Homo Erraticus finds Anderson once again using lyrics written by Gerald (based on an old historical manuscript), which examine key events from throughout British history, and offer a number of predictions for the future. 
A double vinyl edition of the album pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with an 8 page booklet.
Side 1:
1. Doggerland [4:20]
2. Heavy Metals [1:29]
3. Enter The Uninvited [4:12]
4. Puer Ferox Adventus [7:11]
Side 2:
1. Meliora Sequamur [3:32]
2. The Turnpike Inn. [3:08]
3. The Engineer [3:12]
4. The Pax Britannica [3:05]
Side 3:
1. Tripudium Ad Bellum [2:48]
2. After These Wars [4:28]
3. New Blood, Old Veins [2:31]
Side 4:
1. In For A Pound [0:36]
2. The Browning Of The Green [4:05]
3. Per Errationes Ad Astra [1:33]
4. Cold Dead Reckoning [5:28]