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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Jethro Tull
CatNo: CHR1708
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Rock Island, the 1989 follow-up to the hugely successful Crest Of A Knave, found the band investigating a similar more Rock/Blues influenced territory.

Vinyl edition.

Please note these have been on tour with the band and as such are not in pristine condition. Sold as seen.

1 Kissing Willie 3:32
2 The Rattlesnake Trail 3:59
3 Ears Of Tin 4:53
4 Undressed To Kill 5:24
5 Rock Island 6:52
1 Heavy Water 4:12
2 Another Christmas Song 3:30
3 The Whalers Dues 7:53
4 Big Riff And Mando 5:57
5 Strange Avenues 4:09