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Format: cd
Artist: Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson
CatNo: EDGCD533_JT
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Jethro Tull Ian Anderson Live In Iceland CD

The two TAABs in one handy package!

Live In Iceland chronicles a 2012 performance of the two conceptual masterworks.
Double CD Edition.

CD One - Thick As A Brick:

1) Thick As A Brick parts 1 and 2
CD Two - Thick As A Brick 2: 
1) From A Pebble Thrown   
2) Pebbles Instrumental   
3) Might Have Beens   
4) Upper Sixth Loan Shark   
5) Banker Bets, Banker Wins   
6) Swing It Far   
7) Adrift And Dumbfounded   
8) Old School Song   
9) Wootton Bassett Town   
10) Power And Spirit   
11) Give Til It Hurts   
12) Cosy Corner   
13) Shunt And Shuffle   
14) A Change Of Horses   
15) Confessional   
16) Kismet In Surburbia   
17) What-ifs, Maybes And Might-Have-Beens