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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Jethro Tull
CatNo: 0825646041930
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Living In The Past Jethro Tull vinyl
Rhino label double 180g vinyl edition of Jethro Tull's essential 1972 compilation.
Containing album tracks, out-takes, live performances, the Life Is a Long Song EP and early non-album singles.
Includes a 20 page booklet (placed alongside one of the two LPs) in a gatefold sleeve. 
This 2016 edition is based on the original US release of LITP and has an explanatory track by track listing on a sheet (under the shrinkwrap on the back). 
Side One:
1. A Song For Jeffrey
2. Love Story
3. Christmas Song
4. Living In the Past
5. Driving Song
6. Bouree
Side Two:
1. Sweet Dream
2. Singing All Day
3. Teacher
4. Witches Promise
5. Alive And Well And Living In
6. Just Trying To Be
Side Three:
1. By Kind Permission Of (Live)
2. Dharma For One (Live)
Side Four:
1. Wond'ring Again
2. Hymn 43
3. Life Is A Long Song
4. Up The 'Pool
5. Dr Bogenbroom
6. From Later
7. Nursie