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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Isildurs Bane
CatNo: IRLP00088
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Isildurs Bane Sagan om Ringen vinyl
Isildur's Bane's take on Tolkien's famous work composed by the band prior to the release of their debut album. 
Recorded in 1981 and 1987, the music harks back to 1970s Symphonic bands such as Camel and Jethro Tull, combining folk-tinged songs and full on Progressive rock.
Please note that these copies are the original pressings and have been in storage for many years. The outer sleeves might not be in perfect condition
1. Overtyr (2:40) 
2. Vandring (5:00) 
3. Gamla skogen (3:40) 
4. Tom Bombadill (4:23) 
5. Vidstige (3:03) 
1. De Svarta ryttarna (3:20) 
2. Vattnadal (1:25) 
3. Moria (1:55) 
4. Sallskapets upplosning (4:00) 
5. Ringarnas harskare I (2:35) 
6. Ringarnas harskare II (1:50)