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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Isildurs Bane
CatNo: IRLP00489
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Isildurs Bane Cheval vinyl
With 1989's Cheval, Isildurs Bane were reborn as a challenging Progressive force. 
Symphonic Prog boasting ELP-like aspirations, Gentle Giant counterpoint and some hard-hitting Rock elements, the album is based on French postman Ferdinand Cheval's passionate project of building a castle made out of pebbles that he found while delivering mail.
Cheval is an atmospheric work where Prog meets Classical in terms of compositions and arrangements. 
The album sees Isildurs Bane augmented by a chamber orchestra.
Vinyl edition.
Please note that these copies are the original pressings and have been in storage for many years. The outer sleeves might not be in perfect condition
1. Initiation (5.00)
2. The Find (1.27)
3. The Interpreter (11.52)
1. 33 Years (8.42)
2. The Cicerone (4.42)
3. The Aged (5.40)